Hayley Wilson Takes The Win At The Vans Showdown in Huntington Beach!

Shiloh Catori – Photo Vans / Anthony Acosta For the second time at Huntington Beach, the local skate community witnessed the Vans Showdown, a unique “pointless” street skating contest, far removed from traditional skate formats. Aiming to promote the fun and cultural side of skateboarding, while showcasing the best skaters in the world, it was […]


Shanae delivers her part piping hot to your doorstep. Fast and fresh, it aint no Digiorno. Just full-force Sheezy style from start to finish, out there tearing a pepperoni hole in Melbourne-area parks and street spots.


On the heels of the Halfcab’s 30th anniversary, Vans releases “The Lizzie” today, Lizzie Armanto’s sustainably crafted signature shoe. In 1992, Steve Caballero’s low top helped define a generation of skateboarding. Will The Lizzie help define today’s skateboarding paradigm?

Shredding for a Good Cause

Some people might interpret the grimy riffs of heavy metal as a summons to the fiery pits of hell, but for April Jones this genre, plus art and skateboarding, are bridges to her life of DIY altruism.


Vans has thrown the virtual smack down with this super cool collaboration with our pals, the Skate Witches. As part of their “THIS IS OFF THE WALL” campaign, they are partnering up to offer the DEPTH OF FIELD: WORKSHOP SERIES. Featuring three online classes offered to women, trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming peeps, expert witches will share their knowledge of skate photography, videography and zine writing.

Loveletter To LGBTQ+ aka “Queerness in Skateboarding”

This is skateboarding as it should be. It’s not about what race you are or who you want to bang. It’s about having fun rolling around on a skateboard, being a freak and eating shit. I’m so happy that the tide has finally turned. It feels like the earth’s magnetic pull was off axis this whole time and finally, it’s back on track. But this time, let’s not forget the past. No more beating up on the less celebrated or fortunate. Cause being a fucking dickhead is not cool. Being yourself is.

Healthy Combi-tition

A great moment was when last year’s champ Nicole Hause rolled in, fashionably late to the party because she didn’t have to qualify. She was rocking rad checkered party pants that were a huge hit, and was just blasting gigantic airs. Fucking classy shit. She was doing just what last year’s champ should; showcasing her skill for the crowd. Not necessarily skating to win but to dazzle, and dazzle she did.