Poppy Starr Olsen; Smoother than a Possum’s Pouch

At 15, Poppy started making her own jewelry and key rings to fund travel associated with being a skateboarding phenom. When I was 15 I was smoking Camel wides 😬. Despite her gentle vibe and gut-busting humor, Poppy is an incredible competitor. She was ultra focused and in the zone when we ran into her at the Van’s Girls Combi Pool Party a few weeks ago. And this young Aussie’s got a place on the podium in Tokyo next year in her sites, so y’all better recognize… shit’s about to really POP OFF!


NAME: Poppy Starr Olsen

AGE: 18

HOMETURF: Originally from Bondi, now living in Newcastle

SPONSORS: Ride, TSG, Vans Australia

METHODS OF SELF CARE: Most of the time when I need to escape from the world I find myself drawing, animating or playing in the ocean. 

📸 Amy Caron