On the heels of the Halfcab’s 30th anniversary, Vans releases “The Lizzie” today, Lizzie Armanto’s sustainably crafted signature shoe. In 1992, Steve Caballero’s low top helped define a generation of skateboarding. Will The Lizzie help define today’s inclusive skateboarding paradigm?


The first woman to design a skate shoe for Vans in 20 years, Lizzie was a part of each step of the process. A lower profile footbed and leaner outsole are designed keep her close and connected to her board. Cool and low-pro as their namesake, the shoe features little detailing except for her signature on the heel flap, which can only be seen if it’s flipped up. Hand drawn plants and citrus decorate the insole and represent Lizzie’s love of the natural world.  

I really enjoyed the process of creating a shoe from the ground up. I felt compelled to make a shoe that is simple, functional, feels good on your feet and has a bit of soul, and feel proud of what we were able to accomplish.

The collection features several other Lizzie-esque pieces, including a bucket hat, chinos and a hip pack. If you’re in the LA area, you can see it all go down tonight and tomorrow at The Lizzie Launch Experience- Somewhere Else Entirely. We’re excited to celebrate Lizzie’s big accomplishment and bet you are too, so see you there! –Migz