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Every year skaters from near and far reunite at Burnside Skatepark's notorious birthday/Halloween bash for a heated, costumed snake session and eclectic night of debauchery. This year marks the park's "DIRTY 30"  which is hard to believe- it seemed like yesterday the park was still a lot-lurking teen.

Exposure: EXPOSED! 📸📸📸

PROS: 1. The event was held on Amy Caron's birthday. 2. The weather was pristine. 3. Girls & Women from across the globe showed up & ripped. 4. Lots of money was raised for survivors of domestic violence. 5. Many skateboarders won prize money that will contribute to their skateboarding dreams & aspirations.

Rip Ride Rager, LC Style

When you're in Lincoln City, expect to go big. Drink 10 beers and then drop in on a 12 foot concrete bowl? Sure! Fall asleep next to a bonfire on the beach and wake up early morning having burrowed your own hole in the sand to stay warm? Duh. Meet some cougars and drink all the alcohol at their husband's mansion with a guy named Captain Booyah? Just another Tuesday in LC.