Elayne won the "cutest baby" this year, and probably will next year too.

Every year skaters from near and far reunite at Burnside Skatepark’s notorious birthday/Halloween bash for a heated, costumed snake session and eclectic night of debauchery. This year marks the park’s “DIRTY 30”  which is hard to believe- it seemed like yesterday the park was still a lot-lurking teen.


There was a lot to celebrate; after a long review process a few days ago Multnomah County announced it would be going with the “Replacement Long Span” alternative to repair & replace the 90+ year old structure. This was the best option for keeping our world-famous skatepark intact and should even allow the park’s iconic pillars to remain in place. The decision to follow this plan can be attributed to the diligence of Burke Morris and other local park activists and a corresponding public outcry. It means the future of Burnside is bright and the snake sessions can continue far into the future. No deadly virus could stop skaters in Portland from celebrating this victory.