Inclusive Skateboarding For All

MAXIMUM FLOW features the ultra-fun remainder of clips and outtakes from Shari White’s recent CREDITS video, which has been established as one of the best female-centric skateboarding videos of all time. But if CREDITS was a Bruce Springsteen concert, MAXIMUM FLOW would be the epic encore performance of “Born to Run,” sending you home with a deep sense of completion and new feeling of intimacy with The Boss himself.



In under 8 minutes, this video offers a viewpoint that is universally appealing & relatable to actual skateboarders. Breezy focusing her board, Norma yelling in Spanish while play-fighting with Fabi, lots more sick clips of Clara Solar, who was our favorite discovery from the predecessor. Love for skateboarding is also love for your friends, fun, creativity and happiness, as shown here.


Accompanying the video, photographer Norma Ibarra collected a bunch of amazing images captured while creating CREDITS and MAXIMUM FLOW and published them in zine-form, which you can purchase here. If it lands on your coffee table, watch your back cause it might get yoinked. It’s a historical record of one of the golden ages of women’s skateboarding and will no doubt become a collectors item.   -Migzy

This zine to me is a collection of memories that I will treasure forever. This is a significant era in skateboarding, and documenting it is important. It has been my pleasure to be a part of this. I love the crew and my friends, and how we can all skate, grow, have fun and be creative together.

POPPIN’ BOTTLES IN THE BUBBLE- Someday, the old sweaty, drunken reunions of the pre-COVID video premiere will return. But for now, the A-team held an intimate gathering at their Vancouver skate house, consisting only of bubble people drinking a few bubbles & eating snacks. Photos by Norma Ibarra, Shari White & Fabiana Delfino