Exposure: EXPOSED!

A series of complexities made this year’s EXPOSURE coverage a little challenging to produce. But because of our magical BIGFOOT community, we were able to pull through for y’all with another caption-heavy gallery. HUGE THANKS to talented Hayley Gordon and Olga Aguilar for lacing us up with these amazing photos!



  1. The event was held on Amy Caron’s birthday.
  2. The weather was pristine.
  3. Girls & Women from across the globe showed up & ripped.
  4. Lots of money was raised for survivors of domestic violence.
  5. Many skateboarders won prize money that will contribute to their skateboarding dreams & aspirations.


  1. A week-long bout of food poisoning benched Migzy.
  2. Amy lost her iPhone and event reporting notes in a Pink and Gold RV.
  3. Southern California misses out on the vibrant autumn colors common in deciduous forests further north.
  4. The event was held on Amy Caron’s birthday.


*Scroll over the photos to read the captions y’all – tap if you’re on a mobile device


Street Open 15 and Up Division


1st Margielyn Arda Didal
2nd Georgia Martin
3rd Itzel Granados Flores


Street Open 6 to 14 Division 


1st Hiyori Otagiri
2nd Aoi Ishimaru
3rd Christine Cottam


Vert Open Results


1st Sakura Yosozumi
2nd Arianna Carmona
3rd Allysha Le

Park Open 30 and Up Division Results


1st Tuli Lam
2nd Deise Reis
3rd Michelle Barnett


Park Open 15 to 29 Finals Results


1st Bryce Wettstein
2nd Jordan Santana
3rd Arianna Carmona


Park Open 6 to 14 Finals Results


1st Bella Kenworthy
2nd Yurin Fujii
3rd Ruby Lilley