Model, actress, occasional @manramp back-up dancer, Janthavy Norton grew up watching her brothers skate the streets of Chandler, AZ, but it wasn’t until one night at a party she decided to make friends with a miniramp and tried dropping in… and just kept slamming until the party ended. Not one to accept failure she got a board from her cousin for Christmas and kept practicing. Practice turned to fun and she’s been skating every since. 


It's been such a wild ride to get to where I'm at now and I'm enjoying life and going on adventures and that's all I could ask for.

OVER THE FUNBOX BY Jeremy Jude Lee @jeremyjudelee

Name – Janthavy Norton


Age – 26


Pronouns – she/her


Hometown – Chandler, Arizona


Current Location – Los Angeles, California


Day job – Model and Actress


Signature Trick – Boneless 360


Catch Phrase – “It’s possible to have fun”


What is the last thing you saw that made you laugh really hard?

My friends performed a choreographed dance and that was pretty hilarious. 


Favorite tattoo or something else cool about you?

My favorite tattoo is my cactus tattoo. It reminds me of home and being at the Salt River and all the memories from my childhood up until now.


Three things you can’t live without?

Family, friends, and camping.


What are you most proud of?

I’m proud of my journey as a person. I’ve been through a lot and I work hard to try and always see the positive and I’m constantly working on being a better person.

A true fish-eye view by Pat Burke @pat_burke_