PANSY is a mutual aid organization providing support in the form of safe, inclusive skate spaces for non-traditional skaters of any level, gender or background.  Through creating collective meet-ups and other events for the skate community PANSY allows for people to come together and support one another.  Mutual aid can take many forms, it’s just about people coming together to meet each other’s needs.  To a large extent, just creating space for marginalized people to come skate together is a form of mutual aid, but PANSY also carries out this mission in the form of donation drives, skate lessons and forming safe discussion spaces.


Come out to one of their upcoming meet-ups to support and see what it’s all about.

We are helping to support a Juneteenth Skate & Donate Celebration event on June 19th held by THEYSKATE and Jhanaiya Smith-Butler under the Kosciuszko Bridge. We are also planning a Go-Skate-Day morning sesh at the legendary Monument skate spot, on the morning of Tuesday, June 21st. Come through! We would love to see you and skate with you :

📸: @stammss

Crew name: PANSY


City or region? Brooklyn, NY


What do you do? PANSY is a mutual aid organization that provides support in the form of safe, inclusive skate spaces, for non-traditional skaters of any level, gender, or background. These spaces are for the skate community to come together and provide support for one another. PANSY also provides aid in the form of donation drives, skate lessons, and safe discussion spaces.



How did you start? 

We started in the midst of the pandemic, at the end of Summer in 2020, after hosting an inclusive and friendly meetup for our newfound skate friends. The response of the event was so positive, we felt we needed to keep hosting inclusive spaces for skaters that felt underrepresented and unheard. 


Where do you meet? Skate parks and skate spots around Brooklyn, NY.


Can you share a story or favorite moment from a meetup?  

Any time we see our community come together, make new friends, share ideas, experiences, and help one another. We are always overjoyed with the amount of support the community gives to one another, and it goes to show that safe spaces are important in skateboarding. 


How can people get involved/support you?  Showing up for the community in any way you’re able is really all we ask. Whether that be dropping off food or clothing at one of our drives, donating money to us, or orgs we are fundraising for, or even showing up to be a part of the conversation when we host our discussion based meetups. PANSY acts as an avenue in which the community is able to come together. We work towards the goal of inclusivity in skateboarding, with the support of our community. 

PANSY accepts donations through Venmo (@pansyskate), or you can buy PANSY merch on , where all proceeds go towards providing resources at meetups/events, i.e. water, snacks, skate supplies, etc. 


What else do you want people to know? PANSY works to provide an inclusive environment for non-traditional skateboarders and marginalized peoples. It is of utmost importance to us to provide a safe space for our 2SLGBTQIA+, Black, Brown, Indigineous and POC Communities. PANSY is anti-racist, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic, anti-classist , and anti-HATE. This is a community for the pansies in each of us, regardless of who you are or where you come from. 



Featured in Issue 007 of Quell Skateboarding Magazine.

This map was created to make it easier for non-trad skaters to find people to skate with and places to roll. every month Maya Haptas asks a few questions to one of the meet up crews featured. Let's skate y'all!