Celina Meehan – Sister of SLAY

I have always felt a great kinship with Celina Meehan because once, before we really knew each other, I leant her my ID to get into a bar in Seattle. Neither of us remembered until we met a second time a few years later and put it together. There is an old legend that says if someone successfully uses your ID to get into a bar, it means you are forever linked as “Sisters of Eternal Libation”.


There are many reasons why I am proud to be Celina’s sister. Mostly, Celina is fucking rad. She shows up to WOF every year with her sweet partner Tim, ready to give it her all. She is a more subdued member of the women’s skateboarding community, a dedicated Philly skate rat that has no need to stand on a soapbox. She is there to skate, support other skaters, have fun and be herself. And she is awesome. A sister to us all, really.

Look out for an upcoming video part and in the meantime, check out some dope skate clips on Celina’s Instagram!


1. Name – Celina Meehan 

2. Age – 29

3. Hometown – Landing, NJ

4. Current location – Philadelphia, PA

5. Signature trick – Nollie flip or blunt fakie?

6. Sponsors & supporters, physical and spiritual – Vans, Tim, dink, weed and the homies. 

7. Who do you skate with and where? Tim, ang, zembo squad, broke bois entertainment, Moyer, in philly. 

8. FAVORITE APPS: On your iPhone and on your plate (appetizer) – Instagram and mozzarella sticks.

9. Favorite Olympic sport, other than skateboarding – I don’t really know what sports are in the Olympics? 

10.Best Wheels of Fortune memory – Seeing everyone every year that I don’t get to see often.

Boardslide in the hot hot HEAT of WOFX PHOTO/OLGA AGUILAR
Kickin’ it with Pokey Pin queen Sunny Smith and Vanessa Torres at WOFX