Crew of the Month
Maya Haptas


Shout out skate community in Philadelphia. Skating is intimidating when you’re starting and we’re out to make it enjoyable for everyone, and be there for those who may be nervous at first. The skate community in Philly is just love for the most part. We’ve gotten nothing but good vibes from people and it’s really all just thanks to everyone we surround ourselves with all the time. We love Philly!

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Skater Of The Month

Celina Meehan – Sister of SLAY

I have always felt a great kinship with Celina Meehan because once, before we knew each other, I leant her my ID to get into a bar in Seattle. Neither of us remembered until we met a second time a few years later and put it together. There is an old legend that says if someone successfully uses your ID to get into a bar, it means you are forever linked as “Sisters of Libation”.

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