March 8-9, 2019

  1.  Allysha Le
  2. Bryce Wettstein
  3. Zhang Xin
  4. Lou Jiayi
  5. Zeng Wenhui
  6. Cocona Hiraki
  7. Daniela Terol
  8. Gabrielle Brownfield
  9. Grace Marhoefer
  10. Jordyn Barratt
  11. Julz Lynn
  12. Kihana Ogawa
  13. Kisa Nakamura
  14. Kody Tamanaha
  15. Leticia Goncalves
  16. Lizzie Armanto
  17. Miami Tetzuka
  18. Nicole Hause
  19. Poppy Starr Olsen
  20. Sakura Yosozumi
  21. Sara Thompson
  22. Sky Brown
  23. Spencer Breaux

It’s time once again for skateboarding’s bowl troll elite to gather at the legendary Combi pool in Orange County for the yearly Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic. With a healthy pro purse of $65,000 (28 Gs for 1st) and competitors from all over the globe, this year’s contest  looks like it could get pretty fierce. Let’s face it, that kind of shhhmoney is nothing to schneeze at. 



Nicole Hause, who took first last year with her boned out frontside airs and lofty fakie airs will be back, looking to defend her crown. Back to back wins might not be out of the question; Nicole’s been ripping shit up, recently impressing Eric Koston in a backyard pool session at Kyrie Irving’s house.  

Lizzie Armanto will be in the house, giving Nicole a run for her money with big hand plants and graceful consistency. Lizzy skates like someone you can trust; you can count on her to pay the rent on time. There’s no doubt Lizzie’s going to show up & blow up that bowl. 


It will be awesome to see Julz Lynn back in the mix after a highly-publicized scandal earlier this year that revealed years of abuse she endured as a young girl at the hand of disgraced pro skater Neil Hendrix. Julz kind of dropped off the map all of the sudden right when her career trajectory was taking off, apparently due to a campaign against her success in competitive skateboarding orchestrated by Hendrix. Julz bravely came out with her story last October and Hendrix got canned from his job at Camp Woodward, so this year’s Combi contest provides Julz an opportunity to shine, shred , and take back that damn narrative.

Other skaters I’m going to watch are young ripper Poppy Star Olsen and Allysha Le, both who have been boosting their way to becoming leaders of the she-wolf pack.


I’m also really stoked to watch the skaters from near and far making their first appearances at the Combi. The progression of skill in this event is pretty mind blowing, like the world of women’s skateboarding in general. Prepared to be dazzled.