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Because going on a beer run nowadays means having to gear up like you want to kill E.T., social media is more essential to our need for connection than ever before.

GIZMO World Premier

Elissa had us rolling at Wheels of Fortune 9, when she bestowed us the term "Cupcaking." Since then, it's apparent she has been a real busy bee; less time to "cupcake" her girlfriend, more spent skating, surf, travel and general Gnarhunting. With a surprise Baker Board and Nike's first all-women skateboarding video dedicated to her, she has been entertaining the kind of respect she has always deserved.

Healthy Combi-tition

A great moment was when last year's champ Nicole Hause rolled in, fashionably late to the party because she didn't have to qualify. She was rocking rad checkered party pants that were a huge hit, and was just blasting gigantic airs. Fucking classy shit. She was doing just what last year's champ should; showcasing her skill for the crowd. Not necessarily skating to win but to dazzle, and dazzle she did.


It’s time once again for skateboarding’s bowl troll elite to gather at the legendary Combi pool in Orange County for the yearly shredder showdown, Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic. With a healthy pro purse of $65,000 (28 Gs for 1st) and competitors from all over the globe, this year’s contest looks like it could get pretty fierce. Let’s face it, that kind of shhhmoney is nothing to schneeze at.

REVIEW: Nike SB & NBA Caught on Kiss Cam!

SB redesigned some iconic silhouettes into items perfect for skating ledges by day and a Kiss-Cameo by night. With understated swaggitry, the line is the antithesis of a flashy Jimmy Butler arena arrival outfit.