The Poseiden Foundation‘s “Ladies Day” event provided non-traditional skaters of all ages and abilities a chance to compete or join in open skate sessions.  It was great to see opportunities for skill-building mixed up with a more traditional competition. There was an awesomely diverse, super fun group of skaters to watch, from all the rad athletes in the adaptive comp to Olympic Silver Medalist Rayssa Leal!


Our own Amy Caron really iced the cake by showing up to announce the event in a pinch! We need more laughs in our lives, so let’s have Amy do more of this kinda thang in 2022 mmkay?

The adaptive competition was my favorite part, watching those competitors was amazing. I can’t believe the slams they were taking and how far they were pushing it! They were totally ripping! I'm a huge fan now, I followed them all on Instagram.

-Amy Caron