Lacey Baker’s Overnight OATZ

photo by Norma Ibarra

You can’t expect to look like a million bucks if you eat from the dollar menu.

I’m sure we all agree that is one solid chunk of wisdom. However, what if you can make a delicious, health-loaded snack that costs less than a dollar?

Lacey Baker has a few things figured out that most of us are still flailing at. Style? They were featured in Vogue, for goodness sake. Skateboarding? Pardon me Monsieur,  but have you just fallen off the turnip truck? Home dollar menu loaded with nutritional goodness? See below.?

Even if you don’t have the physical skill and mental prowess… or… MEOWess… that Lacey does, you will still benefit off eating a healthy breakfast every morning before you hit the gym, or the clerb, whatever floats your oats.