Skatesgiving meet up at LA Skate Club, in collaboration with Board 2 Tears.

PHOTO: Angela Banda @_whodaheck_

It might be December, but this isn’t Sk8 N Meet Santa (although here in Pittsburgh that’s a totally RAD thing you can do in non-COVID times). But the name isn’t referring to the jolly harbinger of the late-December Capitalist holiday OR the guitar legend that also responds to “Carlos.” It refers to Orange County community, Santa Ana.  And, founded in 2019, this crew is inclusive and non-denominational.  Also- collaborative! We we’re psyched when we heard that Meet Santana recently teamed up with our October COTM Board 2 Tears to host a “Skatesgiving” event at LA Skate Club that produced a 100-item seasonal donation to the Los Angeles LGBT Center. We needed to meet Santana! (And hopefully SK8 with them soon too.)

In the LA area?  Join Sk8 N Meet Santana at Independent Skatepark in Fullerton from 12-4pm this Sunday, December 12.  All attendees will be entered into a Holiday Raffle with items donated from Zumiez.

Crew name: Sk8 N Meet Santana


City or region? Santa Ana, CA.


What do you do? We create a safe space for skaters who identify as female, queer, trans, and/or nonbinary.


Where do you meet? We meet in LA and Orange County at our monthly skate meetups.


How did you start? Our founding member, Dorian, wanted to skate with others that she related to and felt comfortable with while also providing a safe space for them to explore skateboarding (circa 2019). 


Can you share a story or favorite moment from a meetup?  In the early days of our group, we had a chance to skate with some of the girls from The Skate Kitchen at El Sereno Skatepark in LA for a meet up hosted by Briana King. Nina Mo of The Skate Kitchen taught our member Angela to ollie over a skateboard for the first time. It was a very exciting experience for our group.


How can people get involved/support you?

IG @sk8_n_meet_santana

TikTok @sk8_n_meet_santana


Anything else you want us to know?  We’re always open to meeting like-minded skaters and collaborating for future events/meetups. All wheels and levels welcome as long as the space is respected. Join us at our next meet up and bring friends!

Founding member Dorian Romero puts together a new board.
Angela Banda and Carlos Singleton, participate in the 14th Annual Boarding for Breast Cancer event.
Halloween meet up, October 2021.
Two-Year anniversary meet up at El Sereno Skatepark, March 2021

PHOTOS: Angela Banda @_whodaheck_

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