Celebrating Diversity and Talent at Poseiden’s Ladies Day: A Skating Extravaganza at The Berrics

Leading Ladies Take the Stage in a Synchronized Jam Session

Poseidon’s Ladies Day at The Berrics brought together talented skateboarders from various backgrounds, levels of ability, and experiences. The women’s skate jam and open adaptive showcase were among the day’s highlights, both displaying the incredible diversity and unity present in the world of skateboarding. Skaters of all levels demonstrated their skills, adding to the rich tapestry of the sport’s evolution. Each participant, from Courtney Akida and Bryce Wettstein to Mariah Davenport of Forbidden Fruit skateboards showcased their talent. The event was a powerful testament to the power of inclusivity in skateboarding, a sport where people of all backgrounds can roll, ride, and belong.


Adaptive Skate Contest Redefines Triumphs and Resilience

The event also featured amazing adaptive skateboarders like David Lebuser, Thomas Woods, Johannes Bruckmeier, Sebastian Erazo, Bonnie Ong, Alyssa Mentenegro and Italo Romano, who have proven that ability has no bounds.