Celebrating Diversity and Talent at Poseiden’s Ladies Day: A Skating Extravaganza at The Berrics

Poseiden’s Ladies Day at The Berrics is an exciting and inclusive event celebrating the talents of female skaters and adaptive skaters. The lineup features a diverse group of top female skaters and individuals with disabilities, showcasing the inclusivity of the skateboarding community. Inclusive events like this break down barriers and promote diversity within the sport, providing a platform for skaters of all backgrounds and abilities to come together and share their passion.

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Skater Of The Month
Maya Haptas

Vibing with Ronnie Toms

Ronnie’s cousin Gian got them into skateboarding when they were younger, but at the time they were way more into basketball.  “I was a poser.  I used to pretend that I skated in high school.  People asked me about tricks and I would be like ‘oh, yeah, that one,’ so then I decided to pick it up for real.”  Around 19 they really started getting into skating and that’s been a huge part of their life ever since.

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