COWTOWN’S 22nd Annual PHXAM was March 23-24, 2024 Fat Desert West Skateboard Plaza in Phoenix AZ. Some of the best female skaters on the globe showed up to shred, including Shiloh Catori, Zoe Zhang and Christiana Means.

POSEIDEN FOUNDATION’S PRINCEMAS 2023! The Poseiden Foundation wrapped 2023 up at Prince Skatepark in Oceanside California, celebrating another big year of giving back and supporting women’s skateboarding. Olympic park champion Bryce Wettstein was there strumming her ukulele and ripping the bowl, along with street shredder Kylie Frank. And Monique O’Toole was there catching all the action behind the […]

Celebrating Diversity and Talent at Poseiden’s Ladies Day: A Skating Extravaganza at The Berrics

Poseiden’s Ladies Day at The Berrics is an exciting and inclusive event celebrating the talents of female skaters and adaptive skaters. The lineup features a diverse group of top female skaters and individuals with disabilities, showcasing the inclusivity of the skateboarding community. Inclusive events like this break down barriers and promote diversity within the sport, providing a platform for skaters of all backgrounds and abilities to come together and share their passion.