Beauty Meets Boardslides; Simply the Ariana Bessa

Imagine living in a world where we were all the same. How boring. Just identical little lemmings, living in fear of GOD and standing out. There are moments when it feels like popular culture is starting to recognize that value isn’t determined by D. Trump’s dusty old sack, and the things that make us unique are beautiful and spicy! But those moments get cut short when you trip over a harsh youtube comments section and realize, we have a long way to go. COVID quarantines fed sugar to internet trolling bacteria.


At the jump, Ari told me she lovvvves makeup & skincare. Among the bridge lurkers in Eugene, that may not be the status quo. But Ari is ripping her own path through W.J. Skatepark, looking gorge and feeling hyped! She also has a beauteous smith and luxe feeble transfer. Skateboarding is no longer limited to those who like or dislike a good rouge. Go ahead, ride Foundation while wearing it. Treat things labeled as “masculine” and “feminine” like your personal grab bag- just pick and choose. Just do it you! Bridge trolls are beautiful; internet trolls aren’t. It’s Friday – fly your freak flag high this weekend!  –Migz

1. NAME  –  Ariana Bessa

2. AGE – 23

3. HOMETOWN – Huntington Beach, CA


5. SIGNATURE TRICK – Feeble tail grab over spines

6. CATCH PHRASE – “That’s dust” recently I was called out for saying that a lot, super true tho.

7. What was the last thing that you saw that made you laugh really hard?

I can’t go a day without seeing something wild and weird as shit here in Eugene. Land of the adult shops and dispensaries! I’m always laughing my ass off up here.

8. If Eugene, Oregon was a cocktail, what would it be?

Isn’t there something called a trash can? Just a bunch of different shit in one drink? That’s definitely Eugene I can’t even describe the place

9. Three things you couldn’t live without?

My skincare set up, Rob Dyrdeks Tshirt hoodie, spliffs.

10. Two part question: A. Favorite phone app? B. Favorite food app

Instacart for both cause that shit makes me good money!