Are you ready for the skateboarding scavenger hunt event of the year? @theskatewitches WITCH HUNT is back for more May 4th, 2019, as part of the @skatelikeagirl Wheels of Fortune Weekend! Assemble your crew, jump on your broom, and be ready to scare the boys!!!

How it works:


1. Meet at Lower Woodland Skate Park by 11AM on Saturday May 4th

2. Gather your team of up to 5-10 accomplices

3. Hit the streets and film your team completing challenges

4. Meet back at Cal Anderson Courts at 7PM for the Sage Williams Memorial Skate Jam

5. Turn in your team’s edit by May 20th (2 weeks to edit)

6. Stay tuned for voting & recaps on @thrashermag


Follow @theskatewitches and @skatelikeagirl to stay updated on all the info, or visit


Music by Darren Curtis “Ignite the Fire”


Edit by Shari White