Amber Gedman’s here trying to tell me that her signature trick is a nose grind front shuv, but after watching her manual an entire block of N. 3rd Street outside KCDC Skateshop in Brooklyn back in 2019 I’m calling her out on that. Either way, Amber’s a versatile skater who’s been ripping under the radar for years. And that fact cannot be disputed.


We were so excited when we heard Quell was holding a day-long series of events last February in partnership with Leo Baker’s NYC Skate Project and sponsored by Nike SB. NYC Skate Project was started by Leo to provide programming for gender non-conforming, trans folx, non-binary folx, and CIS women who skate. We were able to send our MOST EXCELLENT east coast correspondent and resident beginner skater Maya Haptas out to the event and she gave us a run-down of what it’s like to attend.