Monique the Beat throws down yet another banger, featuring sick moves by some of the world’s best non-trad skaters!

Hayley Wilson Takes The Win At The Vans Showdown in Huntington Beach!

Shiloh Catori – Photo Vans / Anthony Acosta For the second time at Huntington Beach, the local skate community witnessed the Vans Showdown, a unique “pointless” street skating contest, far removed from traditional skate formats. Aiming to promote the fun and cultural side of skateboarding, while showcasing the best skaters in the world, it was […]

GIZMO World Premier

Elissa had us rolling at Wheels of Fortune 9, when she bestowed us the term “Cupcaking.” Since then, it’s apparent she has been a real busy bee; less time to “cupcake” her girlfriend, more spent skating, surf, travel and general Gnarhunting. With a surprise Baker Board and Nike’s first all-women skateboarding video dedicated to her, she has been entertaining the kind of respect she has always deserved.