“Skate now, cry later” might be Ty Thompson’s catchphrase but for this skateboarding skulptress who also bartends as her day job, there isn’t a lot of time for crying.


Walking back from school in Gallup, New Mexico with a group of friends, Ty asked a kid who wasn’t using his if she could try.  She’s been cruising ever since seeing her fellow students use skateboards as their main source of transportation.

If you’re starting to skate falling is normal, have fun and be weird with it.

Name – Ty Thompson


Age – 25


Pronouns – she/her


Hometown – Gallup, New Mexico


Current Location – Gallup, New Mexico


Day job – Bartender


Signature Trick – Front Rock


Catch Phrase – “Skate now, cry later”


Favorite tattoo or something else cool about you? My favorite tattoo is my tattoo of Daniel Johnston’s take on a female sculpture. I got this tattoo when I was 22. When I’m not skating I’m sculpting female bodies with clay, soon I’ll have some lamps.   Danie. J. wrote a song called “I’m a baby (in my universe”). Part of it goes, “I’m only 22 I’ll live forever”. Also when I was 22 he left Earth. This is my 1st tattoo. 


Three things you can’t live without? Hmm Floss, Cast iron skillet & Ace trucks


What are you most proud of? Learning 96 Tears by Question Mark & The Mysterians on my keyboard.

Was craving a roast mutton sandwich & the lovely ladies of @scottsfoodstandwr gift me a siiiick krooked complete 💐