SHEEZY & NORA: Tricks We Suck At! | Krux Trucks

Nora Vasconcellos and Shanae “Sheezy” Collins are the best duo since… Tom and Jerry? Megan and Harry? Amy and Vanessa? Whatever. They are a rad Combo to run into. Sour cream and onion. 



Sheezy left the states recently after a long run that included her first trip to Wheels of Fortune, where we got to hang out with her a lil bit. We helped her clean out the fridge of an Air BnB where someone left a bunch of super nice cheese and deli meats. I gave them to a construction crew across the street and they were hella stoked, and for some reason, that will be one of my fondest memories amongst so much fun and action.


Anyways, it’s hard to be away from home so long, and I’m sure she’s glad to be back, but I hope we see her again soon. She is the raddest, most genuine and authentic human. I’m so glad we picked her to be on the cover of Issue 1. She reminds me why I like skateboarding. And Nora is the next level purpatrator of course. 


That’s why this video is sick, it features these two legends having the very relatable experience of doing “Tricks We Suck AT” at the skatepark. Will Nora land the kickflip nosepick?  Sheezy on the lip slide revert? Watch and see. Only one question remains- who bought lunch? DM answer.  –Migzy