ROLL WITH US – Seattle Skaters Support BLM

ROLL WITH US was held on June 21st in Seattle. The event consisted primarily of skateboarders but included any wheeled ally- rollerskaters & bladers, bicycles, longboarders- could literally "roll with us!"

The purpose of this peaceful rally was to take a stand against police brutality. The rally started at the Carl Anderson Tennis courts now part of the C.H.O.P area in Capitol Hill and ended at the Jose Rizal Bridge approximately 1.5 miles south. Once reaching the final destination all wheeled friends chanted against police brutality and  for Black Lives Matter.



A improvised skate session was held on the bridge which ended this event with positive energy and stoke. Thank you Skoops for organizing this event and creating awareness of the events happening today in our lives which we can resolve with love and respect.  -Dirk Slasher


On Sunday June 21 Go skateboarding day about 300 skaters, bikers, rollerbladers, and roller skaters met at CHOP in Seattle and skated to Jose Rizal bridge to protest police brutality and for black lives matter. The bike brigade kept us safe by blocking cross traffic, keeping pace, and blocking off the bridge so we can have an impromptu skate jam and hill bomb! Big thanks to Nissa for the artwork on the original flier, Josh Pluger for animating that flier, Carina for the second flier, Marshell for promoting and for helping me bounce ideas off of, and my wife Mari and daughter Miki for passing out water. Thank you to everyone that showed up!

PHOTOS/Olga Aguilar