PHOTO/Norma Ibarra

Kristin, KEBS, Ebelinger, Kebeling, whatever you call her, KEBelinger is not only a sick skater, she’s a legit-ass human (def not a cyborg.) At only 21, she starred on an episode of MTV’s “True Life; I’m Going to Skatopia,” one of the mainstream’s first glimpses of this loco femme skate lyfe. Now 30, Kristin is the Executive Director of Skate Like a Girl, a responsibility not to be sneezed at. With outposts in Seattle, Portland and SF, Skate Like a Girl is a beast, and Kristin will sacrifice nothing to make it excel. After working with SLAG for over 10 years, she has no doubt helped thousands of little girls and boys bomb into the future in the new, inclusive world of skateboarding that she helped create. Thank you, Thanks, Gracias, Merci Beaucoup, Arigato, Khop Khun Mak Kham, however you say it, give KEBS some props. 


Name: Kristin Ebeling 


Age: 30


Area: I consider myself an internationally known bad bitch, but ya, occupied Duwamish territory (Seattle) 


Skate Territory: all terrain bb 


Sponsors: idk if these are all sponsors but I want to thank the following folks for supporting me Meow/Lisa, Jivaro/Mike, 35th North/Tony, Sk8rats/Shane, ATS, Skate Like a Girl, Nike/Mike, and anyone who has ever given me something for free


If money was no object, what would you get Alex White for Christmas? A personal assistant