Una Farrar aka “Lil Tubsy” is Living Her Damn Lyfe!!

The jury is out on whether skateboarding is essentially style, art, or an Olympic Sport. If style is the determining factor, Lil’ Tubsy is on the tip-top of the game. Perhaps the dopest girl crew around these days, Una, Breezy and Fabiana are consistently spotted on the ‘gram mobbing the globe, tearing up skate spots and having a good old time. These three ‘migos remind us what this is really all about; good fun with great friends. I’ve read two articles in which Tubbs has stated “… and this is just the beginning.” She’s spot on; the forecast for old-fashioned skateboarding fun is at 150% when you get to kick it with the one and only Una Farrar.


1. Name: Tubsy


2. Age: 21


3. Current location: Vancouver, BC


4. Favorite hometown skate spot: vdub! (Victoria West Skatepark)


5. Sponsors: Goodnews Skateshop, Vans, Classic Grip, Spitfire, Krux 


6. Catch Phrase: “Anyone seen Breana?”


7. If money was no object, what would you buy Breezy for her birthday?


A house in Vancouver with a fridge stocked with beer and hummus. 


8. Two part question- What is, A. Your favorite phone app?  and B. Your favorite food app?


A – Spotify  B – My moms home cooking ❤️

8-stair? So there. PHOTO/Norma Ibarra
Tubbs & Fabi's friendship is swell(bow) PHOTO/Norma Ibarra