EXPOSURE is Taking You to College

Are you a female or non-binary skateboarder that contributes to your community? Do you have secondary education aspirations? No dilly dallying – APPLY FOR EXPOSURE’S COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP TODAY! College can be cool and paying back loans is not. Personally, I borrowed a bunch of money  to fund about a year of skating and partying in Australia. Every month when I cut the check (75% of which goes to interest) I reminisce about how much fun I had, and how stupid I also was. So word to the wise- if you are college-bound, pursue every opportunity you can find for scholarship and grant money, starting with this one!  -Migz

Exposure is excited to announce the Exposure College Scholarship for female or non-binary skateboarders who contribute to their community. As the cost of tuition is often a deterrent to college-bound individuals, it is our goal to empower female-identifying skateboarders with the opportunity for higher education through annual scholarships. In partnership with The College Skateboarding Education Foundation (CSEF), The Exposure Scholarship will provide a $5,000 scholarship to offset the cost of tuition to two deserving individuals beginning Fall 2021. The application is due June 1, 2021 and can be found at www.exposureskate.org .