This one’s for the early birds of skateboarding.  Meet Breakfast Sk8 Club, who are on a mission to bring together morning skaters of all ages and abilities.  The only requirement? You get your stoke on early. 


Started in the California Bay Area, they are setting their alarms and taking over the West Coast (check out their Seattle meetup during Skate Like a Girl’s upcoming Wheels of Fortune).  We’ll see you there.

Crew name: Breakfast Sk8 Club


City or region? Started in the Bay Area. The plan is to be based anywhere and everywhere morning sessions happen.  “The most important meal of the day.”


What do you do? We host skate meet ups for all the early birds of skateboarding in the morning, mostly on the weekdays, but sometimes on the weekend too. Our mission is to bring people of all abilities together in the morning to skate before their obligations for the day (work, school, life, etc.).


How did you start? A few of us (Nam-Chi Van, Lien Ho, and Kim Woozy) got together and realized we were all going to the skateparks in the morning to skate before work. We decided to meet once a week in the morning and people started asking us if they could join. The morning sessions started to trend on social media and so we saw an opportunity to create a community that reposts and reflects morning skaters.


Where do you meet? We currently have consistent meet ups in the Bay Area, mostly Fremont skatepark, but we switch it up sometimes. We’ve had meetups happen in Seattle, Los Angeles, Oahu, Richmond, Sacramento and NYC!


Can you share a story or favorite moment from a meetup?  Our favorite moments are when people show up with donuts and coffee. 🍩☕

But really, I think every morning we host a meet up is special because it’s awesome to see everyone wake up and be so pumped on skateboarding that early in the AM. It helps break up the work week and instantly fills our cup when we see our friends and get a fun skate sesh in before the day even starts.


How can people get involved/support you?  Come out and skate in the morning or host your breakfast club in your area! If you’re interested in hosting one, please reach out on Instagram and we’ll post the sesh on our page.


What else do you want people to know? 

We love collaborating with different crews and companies. Our recent collabs include 3BeansOnABoard (@3beansonaboard_llc), Sk8 Garden (sk8_garden), and GEM (@gemskateco). If your crew wants to host an inclusive morning meet up, please hit us up and we’ll plan something!

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