photo by becca bricchacek

I’m pretty certain if my family hadn’t moved back to California from Boston when I was in 8th Grade I eventually would have picked up a board and found my way to LonelyBones.  String together the words ‘gentle’ and ‘nurturing’ with skating, throw in two kick-ass engineer-leaders, and you’ve got my attention.


This super-active crew (that does take a break during the unceasing Boston winters) has a large following of folks on all wheels, all “riding the same wavelengths” and building both an online as well as in-person community in Beantown.

Crew name: LonelyBones Skate Co.


City or region? Boston, MA


What do you do? Foster a gentle and nurturing space for marginalized (BIPOC, TQGNC, LGBTQ+, disabled, and plus-size) skateboarders, longboarders, and rollerskaters!


Where do you meet? Various skate parks and lots in the Greater Boston Area.


How did you start? My co-founder, Rayven, and I started this as a small project back in August of 2020. We were both relatively new to skating, didn’t have a crew to skate with, and wanted to cultivate a space and a way for people with common experiences in skate culture to unite and grow together. In the year since we’ve grown so much more than we expected, and what was once just a small brainchild has brought us and others so much love and life. 


Can you share a story or favorite moment from a meetup?  Our first meetup was incredible, and they’ve only gotten better and better since. The first one is special though because there was so much excitement built up online and people were so ready to have a tangible experience and meet the people they’d been seeing and talking to virtually, so when we finally all came together it was so cathartic and pure. Since then, our meetups have been absolutely beautiful displays of community – people teaching and helping each other, dancing, singing, connecting, and riding the same wavelengths. 


How can people get involved/support you?  We love supporting local artists, business owners, and musicians (especially BIPOC and TQGNC!) so we’re always looking for people to commission and spotlight. Additionally, since it’s just Rayven and me running things, we always appreciate new friends and volunteers who believe in us and align with our mission. Otherwise, we appreciate and love every person who supports us whether they volunteer and help out directly or just love us and follow along with us online. 


Where can people find you online?

Instagram: @lonelyboneskateco and


Anything else you want us to know?  We’re just two engineers from Boston overwhelmed by the love, community, and art we’ve discovered amongst marginalized skaters who share our experiences. We’re here to stay!

photo by becca bricchacek
photo by becca bricchacek
photo by becca bricchacek

This map was created to make it easier for non-trad skaters to find people to skate with and places to roll. every month Maya haptas shoots a few questions to one of the meet up crews featured. Let's skate y'all!