October 2021 – Councilmember Joe Buscaino paid a visit to Channel Street Skatepark on Tuesday, October 12th, to give the keys back to the San Pedro Skatepark Association!!



This means the SPSA is the official tenant of Channel Street Skatepark. The organization signed a 20-year lease with the City of LA General Services Department, with options to renew.


The next step necessary to reopen the park is to fix, repair, and rebuild what was demolished. The fences and the barriers in the bowls will remain initially, allowing room for a speedy build›, estimated at 3-4 months.


What can you do? STAND BY. The SPSA will send out a call for volunteers to help on the cleanup crew, build crew and to fill additional needs. Follow @concretelawfilm on Instagram or for updates.


More info here...
Gabe Solis makes handshake deal with Coucilman Joe Buscaino.
Filmmaker April Jones created "Concrete Law," a film about the Channel Street skaters navigating city bureaucracy in effort to reopen the world-class DIY, with Rob Crawford on camera 1.
Channel street co-founder Andy Harris shows Councilman Joe Buscaino the lay of the land.
Yamo talks to the press.