The “Few and Far” Hit Medford!

The “Few and Far Women” is a worldwide group dedicated to “refining the art of the streets.” What began as a group mural project in Oakland CA is now an army of diverse female artists and skateboarders who organize events around the globe in effort to grow and empower communities. 


Liz Wilson is a member of the skateboard contingent, and threw this ladies jam at her local park. More of a session to connect and inspire non-trad skaters than an actual “contest,” the chill event was neatly juxtaposed with the Tokyo Olympics, happening concurrently. Because earning metals inspires some skateboarders, and just listening to metal inspires others. 


The small but mighty group outlasted a rare summer shower in Southern Oregon to show up and rip, and a great time was had by all!

Big thanks to everyone who contributed, helped out, and showed up for this very special day!

-Liz Wilson