2023 Street Skateboarding World Championships, Tokyo, Photo Gallery

Yumeka Oda Secures Victory as Women's World Champion at WST Street World Championship 2023 in Japan

In a thrilling competition at Tokyo’s Ariake Coliseum, 17-year-old Japanese skater  Yumeka Oda claimed the coveted title of women’s world champion at the WST Street World Championships 2023. This victory marks her first major international triumph and sets the stage for her participation in the Paris 2024 Olympic qualifiers.



Oda’s impressive performance saw her dethrone the defending champion, Rayssa Leal, securing her place as the new champion. The final at was closely contested, with Leal finishing at 261.90 behind Oda at 265.75.


Adding to the Japanese triumph, Tokyo 2020 Olympic champion Nishiya Momiji clinched the bronze medal with a score of 245.76. This impressive showing by the hosts resulted in two Japanese skaters securing spots on the podium.


As the WST Street World Championship serves as a crucial qualifier for the Paris 2024 Olympics, Currently ranked third in the Olympic World Skateboarding Rankings after five qualifiers, Oda is the second-highest-ranked Japanese skater. Momiji leads the Japanese contingent in the rankings, with Liz Akama, who finished sixth on Sunday with a score of 241.95, holding the third position. 

Check out the current global rankings here. 

  1. Oda Yumeka – 265.75 (84.22; 86.73/94.80)
  2. Rayssa Leal – 261.90 (84.15; 86.94/90.91)
  3. Nishiya Momiji – 245.76 (82.15; 80.15/83.46)
  4. Chloe Covell – 245.11 (62.70; 87.79/94.62)
  5. Yoshizawa Coco – 242.45 (68.40; 86.17/87.88)
  6. Liz Akama – 241.95 (72.36; 84.01/85.58)
  7. Nakayama Funa – 239.61 (70.16; 83.39/86.06)
  8. Cui Chenxi – 138.43 (48.99; 89.44)