Shari White, Ma Chérie
PHOTO/Norma Ibarra

There’s a supernatural space highway that takes skateboarders from Australia to Vancouver BC and back. I’ve met a few of these etherial beings, like legends Hilary Pearce and Monica Shaw. Americans don’t know many details of this classified passage, it’s only available to people with socialized health care. At some point, Shari traversed that route and now she is spotted frequently gracing the Northwest on a motorcycle, with a skateboard, and behind a camera gathering footage for the kick-ass Skate Witches Zine and affiliated videos THX and SRSLY. There are a lot of kind hearts in the world of women’s skateboarding, and Shari definitely carries one of them. What she does not treat with kindness, however, is the streets. They get battered in her company.


1. Name – Shari 


2. Age – 28


3. Hometown – Gold Coast, AUS 


4. Current location – Vancouver BC


5. Signature trick – heelflip 


6. What kind of challenges have you faced from being so naturally beautiful?  I’m often mistaken for a young boy. 


7. What’s your favorite kind of seafood? Salmon. 


8. What are your hopes for the future of the skate witches zine? Keep on keeping on.


9. If you and Kristin Ebeling were stranded on a desert island for a week, what would you talk about the most? What activities we should do while there.

Nollie Wallie don't fallie! PHOTO/Norma Ibarra