REVIEW: Olympic Skateboarding Uniforms with Marisa dal Santo

Since the Daggers battled the Ramp Locals, skateboarders have taken fashion very seriously. Good style is so key, it has the ability to make or break both careers & lunch hours. So designing uniforms for Olympic skateboarding wasn’t set up to be an easy task.


Nike dropped three uniforms the other day, receiving much fanfare from The Huffington Post and other mainstream rags. The kits were constructed with the help of visual artist and “ex-skateboarder” Piet Parra, and were inspired by popular regional sports- Brazil/Football, France/Tennis and USA/Basketball. The designs required extreme breathability (the games are supposed to be hot as blazes) and are constructed out of 100% recycled polyester material. But how do skateboarders feel about this first foray into formality? To help form our opinion, we asked the most stylish person we know, skateboarder/fashionista Marisa dal Santo. Since she stopped sacrificing her body to stair counts, Marisa has been developing her super dope and extremely popular vintage clothing business, GenXtravaganza. Finally, being cool is easy. Ultimately, Marisa gave France the gold and the yoga pants of Brazil ended at the bottom of the pile. Here’s what else she had to say.   -Migz