While New Orleans proper made it through Hurricane Ida in relatively ok, the surrounding Bayou was hit hard when the powerful storm came through in late August. Since then, the hardworking Crescent Krewe put their meetups at Parasite DIY on pause to help in the recovery efforts. And last weekend, with the help of local skate shop Humidity, threw a super rad benefit that raised $800 cash money to help out their southern neighbors! 


Skaters from all over NOLA turned out for the event and a shit ton of stuff was raffled off by our very own Amy Caron. Meow Skateboards threw in some prody, and so did Deluxe, Pokey Pin and Krux. Someone grilled up some delicious chicken, people got stoked out in the raffle and the party spilled out into the street in classic Big Easy style. Big thanks to everyone involved! New Orleans is so rad and the Crescent Krewe is crushes it. -Migz

"Humidity Skate Shop is a magical place, and Phil and his crew have been committed to giving back to the skate community and beyond for a long time. Crescent Skate Krewe was looking for a way to collaborate with Humidity, and just like that, Amy Caron's visit provided a great excuse to throw an event where we could raise money for our bayou neighbors and get the non-traditional and queer skateboarders socializing with the traditional skate community."

Alyssa Maxwell