Fabiana ?Del-FUEGO? is PRO!
Fabi ain't afraid of a dirty lil' challenge at the great Witch Hunt of WOF9 PHOTO/Norma Ibarra @lapir0

Sometimes ya get lucky. And BIGFOOT is pleased on the fortuitous timing of our effort to add super-fab Fabiana Delfino to our Featured Skaters section. As we were putting it together, Santa Cruz and Death Wish were in cahoots, timing their announcements that Fabi and her brother Pedro were BOTH going pro yesterday! And now, the whole world has renewed faith in the skateboarding industry’s ability to be super fucking cute. 



The truth is, reaching out and grabbing Fabi is probably one of the smartest things the screaming hand has ever done. She is totally amazing, just check out this Rough Cut she was featured on last year. Go ahead and skip to the 6 minute mark to see her win the “Keyhole” to the city. No, actually just start at the beginning, the whole thing is amazing. Fabi has such a sick style, it surpasses all notions and boundaries. She doesn’t skate like anyone else; man, woman, child, pug– she’s just totally unique & Fabi. Can. Not. Wait. to see what she does next.

Name: Fabiana Delfino


Age: 22


Sponsors: Santa Cruz Skateboards, Monster Energy, Vans, CCS, Mob Grip, Bronson Speed Co., Independent Trucks


Hometown: Boca Raton, Florida


Location: I’m currently in Barcelona, Spain


Signature Move: I’m known for my dingle berries.


Does your brother get bummed that you’re a better skater than him: Nah he takes is pretty well I’d say.


Favorite brand of chip: Fuck dude definitely Gardetto’s. But only the brown rye chips.


Do you gamble? Yeah. I gamble my life away every chance I get.