Brent Atchley’s PUSH Movement Rips

The scene in Portland that Brent Atchley and I came up in was pretty hardcore when it came to drug and alcohol abuse. Getting wasted every day was the norm, and it was difficult (and rare) to visualize another way to be. But after riding the peaks and valleys of the party life for years, Brent discovered a new way to live, establishing a healthy separation from the substances that weren’t serving him. And now, he’s sharing this healthy new terrain  through Push Movement



To understand the unique impact of the organization on the local community, you also have to know what a legend Brent is in PNW skateboarding. A Burnside staple since he was a child, Brent’s super snappy, clean, low-key/high frequency style riding under the bridge, and wherever, has been inspiring young and old skaters for decades.  Messaging and mentorship via Brent and through the skateboarding lens is a particularly effective way to get the point across. 


I caught my first Push event in Portland a couple weeks ago, a celebration of their newly-established 501c3. There was a cool all-ages and ability session going on in the epic Bodecker Foundation bowl, free pizza and a sick raffle. I ran into my favorite skate fam of all time, the Aguilars (John, Olga and Nina) and Olga sent me these rad pics. 


Sober or not, everyone is welcome to partake in Push Movement’s fun, free monthly events. Follow on instagram to learn where and when. Huge props due to Brent for leading this healthy push for positive change. It was awesome seeing a bunch of people I used to skate and party with 20 years ago living happier and healthier lives.  -Migz